• Synergy 2018 designed to educate, connect customers

    Posted 04/19/2018

    Designed to help KEY2ACT users learn how to get the most out of their solutions, Synergy is built around an assortment of educational and networking opportunities, including hands-on training sessions, discussion-based classes, and formal and informal opportunities to connect with other KEY2ACT users.

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  • Quadra offers fully integrated quoting solution

    Posted 02/01/2018

    For many KEY2ACT customers, the ability to quickly and accurately quote projects, service calls and service contracts is essential to both gaining new business and keeping existing clients. Quadra is a web-based estimating, purchase automation and job management tool that streamlines the bid-to-invoice life cycle.

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  • MetaViewer provides KEY2ACT users with seamless document management

    Posted 01/25/2018

    KEY2ACT customers have been able to increase transparency and improve accountability within their organizations as a result of using MetaViewer. MetaViewer also eliminates repetitive processes like tedious manual data entry, and makes documents and data readily available for better expense management.

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  • Synergy attracts customer to every event since 2002

    Posted 01/12/2018

    Tony Le of Herman Goldner has attended every Synergy for the past 15 years. He comes to stay current with the product, as well as for networking and training opportunities. "We invest a lot of money in our solution, and we want to make sure we are leveraging the best value in that," he said. 

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  • Synergy_attracts_customer_to_every_event_since_2002

    Posted 01/12/2018

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  • KEY2ACT enters agreement with Implementation Specialists

    Posted 09/26/2017

    KEY2ACT has reached an agreement with Implementation Specialists and is now the official provider of all wsTOOLS modules for KEY2ACT solutions.

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  • Getting to Know: Michael Hanko, Solutions Consultant

    Posted 08/29/2017

    It’s not every day that you add someone to your organization who is a licensed amateur radio operator, considers Leonardo da Vinci his favorite historical figure and would choose Mars if he could visit any destination. For KEY2ACT, May 27, 2014, was the day it happened – the day Michael Hanko joined the team as a support analyst.

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  • French: A business language for the future

    Posted 08/15/2017

    By Mike Ronk, senior accountant

    A friend recently posed the question to me: What would you suggest your grandchildren study as a second language? An age giveaway, for sure, but the question would apply to any young person today in the United States and any country, in fact, where French is not commonly spoken. My off-the-top-of-the-head response was, well, Spanish – even, Mandarin. No, the correct answer, according to my friend, is French.

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  • Announcing KEY2ACT Form

    Posted 08/01/2017

    MobileTech was built to streamline and cut the paperwork out of processes performed by field service technicians. But once techs complete a service call, customers often hand them their own company-specific paper forms to fill out. Today, KEY2ACT introduces Form, designed to turn those paper forms into digitized versions that techs can fill out in MobileTech.

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  • DocLink document management - find what you need when you need it

    Posted 07/25/2017

    This is a guest post from Altec

    No matter where your organization is based, what industry it’s in, or what department you are a part of, you are likely experiencing one business problem plaguing employees around the globe: an inability to access company data when you need it. Even with a file share, information between office locations, departments, and coworkers is rarely found immediately (or easily).

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